Commitment, service, dynamism, passion: 4 are the words that characterize TABLE TOP PORCELLANE, today a landmark in the Ho.Re.Ca. industry.

Our Company offers a wide range of products for wholesalers of hotelware as Porcelain for professional use, Melamine, Fireproof Earthenware and Glass.
Complete the range of products in our catalogue a new, beautiful and exclusive series of Recycled Glass Vases with absolute color trend for the original furnishings of the local.
A continuous search for new products of design and high quality, to be in harmony with the demands of the market make TABLE TOP PORCELLANE capable of offering thousands of references in stock, innovative and functional shapes ready to satisfy the most demanding customers.
Today the professional catering always places more attention to the plates to present on the table the best “creations” of the chefs and TABLE TOP PORCELLANE plays a role of absolute leadership of the sector.